What are the types of business tooling fabrics

Mar 27,2023

White-collar tooling:

This kind of tooling has no special requirements for fabrics, because employees work in the office. As long as it is comfortable to wear, this kind of clothing is generally pure cotton, and polyester or polyester cotton can also be used. Which one to buy depends on the company's budget.

Workshop tooling:

Some workers working in the workshop still have certain requirements for the fabrics of the tooling. If it is only a simple manual production, the tooling with anti-fouling and decontamination function must be selected. Most of these molds are made of cotton-polyester blended materials. This fabric has good dust and fouling resistance, and the sweat absorption ability of polyester and cotton is also very good, and the preferred color of the fabric is dark.

Service industry tooling:

Generally refers to the uniforms of hotel waiters, foot baths and pedicure technicians. The fabrics produced for such molds are usually blended with polyester and spandex. The elasticity of the garment will be better, because the service staff often move around, and good elasticity can minimize the restraint of the garment.

Safety Tooling:

The nature of work determines that safety clothing needs to be breathable and wear-resistant. Because night shifts are required, it is also necessary to have the function of keeping warm in winter, because the main raw material of cold clothing is cotton. If lining is used, more manufacturers will choose acrylic fibers.

The above is the relevant knowledge of tooling fabrics sorted out by the editor for you, I hope it will be helpful to you.