Causes and solutions to problems that may occur during production

Mar 27,2023


 Causes and solutions of possible problems with dyed fabrics in the production process

  1 Weaving defects

  Weaving defects in the warp or weft direction appear regularly or irregularly on the fabric.

  Main reasons:

  ① The strength of the yarn used is not enough.

  ② The yarn is poorly sized (light or heavy).

  ③ Weaving equipment is poor (when the weaving equipment fails, it will cause problems such as broken yarn).

  ④ The repair of the off-machine grey cloth is not complete.

  ⑤ The acceptance of the finished product is not careful.

  Solution: Strengthen the repair.

  2 Latitude oblique/latitude arc (including size grid)

  For woven fabrics and knitted fabrics with 2% weft slant/weft arc, and all fabrics with more than 3% crooked can not be classified as first-class products.

  Main reasons:

  ① Poor weaving equipment (when the weaving equipment fails, it will cause a lot of downtime, resulting in weft inclination/weft arc)

  ② Mainly refers to the weft inclination/weft arc caused by poor finishing equipment).

  ③ Poor finishing (weft inclination/weft arc caused by the operator's irresponsibility during finishing).

  Solution: Strengthen repair and rearrangement (weft correction).

  3 The shrinkage rate is large

  When the shrinkage rate of the warp and weft directions of the fabric exceeds the specified value, it cannot be designated as a first-class product. Different fabrics will have different ranges.

  Main reasons:

  ① Poor sorting after finishing.

  ② Poor pre-shrinkage equipment.

  Solution: pre-shrink again (within the specified shrinkage rate)/fabric shrinkage washing, etc.

  4 The feel is not consistent with the standard

  The feel of the finished fabric is inconsistent with the feel of the standard sample, and there are obvious differences.

  Main reasons:

  ① Poor sorting after finishing.

  ② The raw materials are incorrect.

  ③ The production process is incorrect.

  Solution: Reorganize/reproduce.

  5 Unqualified color fastness

  The color fastness of fabrics (yarn-dyed fabrics and dyed fabrics) cannot be consistent with the requirements

  Main reasons:

  ① Poor dyeing process.

  ② The dyeing raw materials are poor.

  ③ Poor sorting after finishing.

  ④ Poor operation. (Especially obvious when paint scraping/paint dyeing)

  Solution: re-fixing finishing/re-producing fabrics/re-dyeing (dyed cloth is OK)/color repairing (paint scraping/paint dyeing fabrics are OK)