The difference between dyed fabrics and printed and dyed fabrics

Mar 27,2023

The dyed fabric we use is a kind of fabric produced by dyeing with yarn. According to the color configuration of different color yarns we need, combined with a reasonable organization structure, it has a certain pattern and color. Dyed fabrics generally show the style of lattice and sliver, and it is also a common woven fabric. The yarn dyeing of dyed fabrics is generally divided into colored spinning and dyed yarn. Generally speaking, dyed fabrics are woven with shuttle looms, but knitting machines can also make dyed knitted fabrics. Dyed knitted fabrics change by changing the interweaving method of yarns and warp and weft yarns of different colors. Different lattice sizes interweave a variety of products with different flower shapes and colors. Colored fabrics are usually woven fabrics. For example, some men's shirts we usually wear are mostly striped and plaid. However, there are a few exceptions.

At this point, you can look at the reverse side of the fabric. If there are some fuzzy plaid patterns or stripes on the reverse side, it is colored fabric. If there is no white, it is printed and dyed cloth. Knitted fabrics are usually weft-woven with more horizontal stripes. Printed and dyed cloth is made by printing and dyeing cloth from embryo cloth. Printed and dyed cloth can be divided into printed and dyed cloth. Printing includes match printing and paper printing. Matching printing refers to the formation of a complete pattern and color on a machine. A single sheet print is a partial pattern, like some of our clothes, some are whole pieces, which is matching printing. If it is only on the chest or arm, it is a single sheet print. The dyeing degree of dyed cloth is better than that of printed cloth and dyed cloth, and it is not easy to decolorize.