Classification of denim fabrics

Mar 27,2023

  1. Ring spinning denim

  After the ring spinning denim clothing is polished and washed, the surface presents a hazy bamboo style, which meets the individual needs of today's denim clothing.

  2. Weft-woven stretch denim

  At present, most of the elastic denim is weft elastic denim, and the elastic elongation is generally 20% to 40%. Weft-woven elastic denim is not only comfortable, but also matched with bamboo joints or different colors, making denim products more suitable for fashionable and personalized consumer needs.

  3. Warp and weft bamboo denim

  The organizational structure is well designed. The single-product seed ring spindle yarn can be used in the direction of warp yarn, and the slub yarn can be used in an appropriate proportion in the direction of weft yarn, and the effect of warp and weft two-way slub denim can also be achieved.

  4. Colored denim

  In order to increase the color and light variation of indigo denim varieties, denim varieties of various colors are currently very popular. For example, indigo dyed sulfur black, indigo dyed sulfur grass green, sulfur black green, sulfur blue, etc., to meet the individual needs of the market.

  5. Assorted Denim

  That is, colored denim, mainly including bromine indigo and sulfur black denim, coffee, emerald green, gray, khaki and sulfur blue denim, and small amounts of bright red, peach and imperial denim, dyed with naftal dyes or reactive dyes.

  6. Super Indigo Dyed Denim

  "Super Indigo" dyed denim has two characteristics: a particularly deep dyeing depth and a particularly good color fastness to grinding. The indigo dyeing depth of conventional denim warp yarns is 1% to 3%, while the "super indigo" dyeing depth needs to reach more than 4%, which can be called super indigo or super deep indigo. Due to its special effect of rich and bright colors,

  Widely welcomed by consumers.

  The above is a brief introduction to the classification of denim fabrics, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.