Types, characteristics and advantages of dyed fabrics

Mar 27,2023

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people have begun to pay attention to their own clothes, especially some young people's pursuit of color is getting higher and higher, which is the rise of the textile and clothing industry again. Now all kinds of fabrics are dazzling, but there is one kind of fabric that is very popular with the majority of users, that is, dyed-dyed fabrics. Maybe many people often wear clothes made of dyed-dyed fabrics, but most people don't know much about this kind of fabric. It doesn't matter. The following editor will take you to understand dyed-dyed fabrics in depth.

Types, characteristics and advantages of dyed fabrics

Yarn-dyed fabric is a kind of fabric made by shuttle looms. Compared with printing and dyeing fabrics, it is colorful, but the price is expensive. Since it is dyed before weaving, its color firmness is very good, and almost every aspect and every angle is dyed. There are also many types of dyed fabrics. According to different raw materials, it can be divided into dyed cotton, bamboo gauze, pimple gauze, etc.; according to different weaving methods, it can be divided into plain yarn-dyed fabrics, dyed poplin, denim, etc.; according to the different front and rear processes, it can be divided into color warp white weft fabrics, color warp color weft fabrics, etc.

The advantages of yarn-dyed fabrics are also obvious. Compared with printing and dyeing fabrics, yarn-dyed fabrics have richer colors, stronger three-dimensional sense, and better color firmness. However, due to its relatively complicated production process, its cost is higher and the price is higher. Despite this, there are still many yarn-dyed products that love to buy, because everyone loves beauty, and an eye-catching dress is naturally very attractive to buy.

After learning the types, characteristics and advantages of yarn-dyed fabrics, are you more fond of this kind of fabric? In fact, whether to buy yarn-dyed fabrics or not depends on each person's specific situation. For example, if the money is tight, the difference between buying general printed and dyed fabrics is not big; but if the requirements for clothing are higher, yarn-dyed fabrics are still a kind of fabric that I personally recommend. If you are curious about the price of yarn-dyed fabrics, welcome to our company's website to find out.