Performance characteristics of denim fabrics

Jul 28,2022

The characteristics of denim fabrics depend on their material composition, yarn characteristics, structural layout, weaving skills, etc., especially after rectification, which plays a very important role in the characteristics of denim fabrics

1. Features of appearance and feel

The denim made of pure cotton combed strands has a bright cloth surface, clear lines, and a smooth feel; the plain-washed denim is soft and comfortable; the stone-washed denim is gray and stale, with light and fine damage; the enzyme-washed denim is light and fine. Decolorization, the leg hair results in peach skin, which is always soft; sand-washed denim has a certain sense of decolorization and stale. If it is matched with stone grinding, a layer of frost-white fluff will occur.

In short, through different processing skills, denim fabrics will have different appearance and feel characteristics.

2. Denim fabrics with good denim characteristics should not have any irritation or other peculiar smell. Denim made by tight spinning not only comes back to the ancient style of ring yarn fabrics, but also conforms to people's needs of returning to nature and advocating nature. And because the appearance of tight yarn is very small, the appearance of denim products is bright and silk, and the skin feels better and more comfortable when wearing. At the same time, by adopting this tight yarn as light yarn, the sizing rate can be reduced by 50%, and the post-rectification singeing process can be omitted, which can save resources and reduce stains.

3. Cost characteristics of denim fabrics

When ordinary consumers buy denim fabrics, when the fabric, denim version and washing water quality are not clear, and usually the style and cost are in the middle, there will be obvious cost misunderstandings. And many classic denim brand clothing and styles are very simple, and even considered ugly and backward, but because it has done a good job in the version, fabric and processing, the noble temperament can naturally be displayed after wearing these clothes.

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the cost performance of the product's character, and pursue cheap waste products or superstitious and high-priced foreign brands with poor character.